Resident Evil Nemesis from Minted Labs Toy Review

You can invite the horror Resident Evil into your home with Resident Evil Nemesis soft vinyl statue from Minted Labs. Checkout this new way to display with a new kind of statue. Fans of the video game series and this iconic character will love this ultimate collectible. Watch our video and read our review for more on this statue.

Designed for ages 14 and up, this officially licensed 15 inch character is numbered and only available in a limited quantity of 5000. There is great detail in the black coat, pants, and boots made from polyurethane which have a sleek leather look. The NEMESIS carries a massive Bazooka. With an extremely detailed paint job on the face and neck, the shoulder area is covered in fresh looking wounds. It comes in a sturdy beautifully designed box with a card of authenticity. The NEMESIS statue is not your typical PVC or resin heavy made statue, It is composed of different materials allowing the statue to be posed in different ways. It's 1:6 durable body contains bendable armature and the head, hands and feet are made of soft vinyl making it a statue that features a high quality rotocast.

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